10 June 2010

OLLLDDD SG Pics ......(2-3 years back )

I was digging through the files of my external hard-disk and came across a folder named "Jojobing's Pics"

Most of my old old photos were inside...including my trip to SG with my bestie 2-3 years back ....

At The Zoo( visiting our long lost friends) :-
with Jackie & FY (the twins)
with Siau Yen (Leo Club's President)
Petite Pui Yee ...
saw Engchi !! 
Wei Chong ...& his disciples (students)
my long lost twin !!
collegemates ....
Kien Teik (tough & strong).....
with Wei Jie , Kin Wah etc...
I looked like a drunk person here !! wahahaha
Mei Wan/ Huey Wuen/ Kah Wey 
Soon Tak passing by ~~~~

Still in the zoo :
Stepping on a fake elephant's foot print...imagine how flat my head can be if an elephant stepped on mine.
Im not in Africa/Australia !! Im in Singapore ZOO !!
Boomerang house ...
Do people who play boomerang have BIG FEET ?? so confusing ...

Clarke Quay 
Saw a gang of Korean Ajummas waiting for their boat cruise along Clarke Quay 
 Japanese Ice- Cream time in a HOT HOT Day ...Yummy-licious !!

Science Centre :
Im not the one who chopped down her head
NO...IM NOT GUILTY !! Do not electrocute me !!
We went to a few more places lah but no photos loh....that time, Jojobing & her bestie depended on her bestie's 2.0 mega pixel camera phone to take pics only-leh ...

Ben & Jerry's time - no kiosk can be found in Malaysia 

Pasta de Gohan - has not exist in Sunway Pyramid yet 

The Silver Surfer from Fantastic 4 (part 2)

That's all for my OLD OLD OLD SG trip adventures ...
we did go to Bugis-lah / East Side Park and and and....forgot dy lah...!!

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