29 June 2010

Chicken Hotpot ~ Cheras

Yalah yalah...Im a makan queen...so what ??? I think it's good to try out new things rather than eating the same thing all the time ....

Of course I have no idea what to eat or even where to eat if Im in KL (cuz Im not familiar with KL) but I have one good GPS and KL road guide to teach me or even bring me there loooo...kekekeke..n she's Ms Wong...yaaayyyy...

Where did she intoduced/brought me to ?? Someplace nearby KL ...

To make my normally long-winded statements shorter :-

Restaurant name : Chicken Hotpot (Dunno how to read in Chinese loh)
Location : Cheras, KL
Food served: Choices of meat (chicken/pork ribs/ beef/ fish/lamb) cooked in a claypot with a blend of several herbs (unique combination) and vegetables...

We chose Chicken Meat lah..Oh yeah, u get to choose whether you want it non-spicy, a bit spicy or spicy !! 

Judging by my ability to eat spicy food, we juz ordered "a bit spicy"...

Oh yeah, the dish is served with rice too !

The environment: No air-con...but still OK ...
There are branches all over CHINA leh...which I dunno if it's the truth or not lah...kekeke

Here comes the Chicken dish !!

Yup...it is placed on top of a mini stove to keep the dish hot !! 

N here's the highlight ...

From Dry Chicken dish .....

TO Flooded Chicken Dish !!
How come ? ? ? 

The uniqueness of the dishes here is that you can add in a soup base (either spicy or non-spicy)  & WALA!! it turns into a HOTPOT which you get to play steamboat as well ...!! 

No extra ingredients to steam the boat ?? kekeke...
No worries...

See the pic below ?
It is fridge with small colorful baskets containing various ingredients you need to STEAM your BOAT !!
Choose any , take it out n go play steamboat.

Of course extra charges will be included into your bill lah....u ingat people no need to do business one a ?

I forgot the price again lah, all in all it was RM 40 like that as we did took a few baskets from the fridge !!

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  1. Jo,

    Can i have the address of this restaurant?