16 October 2009

KK Trip 2009 (Part 1) - The Wedding

Ya ya ya ..like what I mentioned, I went to Kota Kinabalu. Here are the details :-

Venue : Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Date : 9th Oct - 13th Oct 2009
Transport : Swim there ..juz kiddin. By Air Asia.
Purpose of visit : To attend cousin Melinda's wedding ceremony.
( Kampar humans, this is your beloved Mr & Mrs Peter Chan's youngest
daughter's wedding )
No. of relatives & frenz that flew there : around 40 humans
Accomodation : Marina Court Apartments (under the management of Promenade Hotel)

OK ? Can catch up ?

Morning of Wedding Day ( Sat 10/10/09)
The groom came to fetch his bride in a sexy Fairlady. Seems like no pranks were made on the groom as there's a church ceremony to attend.

Here I come...so Gaan Jeung !!

OK !! Time to get to the church

All 9 other HING DAIs of the groom waited & headed to the church together. Relatives from Peninsular Malaysia followed his HING DAIs' cars.

That's the altar of the church..

At 10.10am on 10/10/09.....
Peter Chan aka my uncle brought his daughter to the altar where the groom was seen to be waiting feverishly…

10th Oct 2009

Marked a memorable day

From Miss Chan to Mrs Wong

Her status changed....

Down the isle she walked

Accompanied by daddy dearest

To the hands of the groom

Standing at the other end

Vows made

Wedding rings exchanged

Their status became

Husband and Wife...

May both of you (Mr & Mrs Wong) have a happy and blessed life. Congrats !!

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