22 October 2009

It seems like it

I don't know what happened to me this year(2009)....
It seems like I did not attend most activities or outing with my hometown friends which I used to be actively in.

What made me say that ?
I find that I did not attend gatherings held by frenz espcially hometown friends.
I looked into some of their blogs and also pictures posted in FACEBOOK.
- I missed out Neoh's graduation
- I missed out Pui Yee's graduation
- I did not manage to attend many YUMCHA outings with you guys back in hometown
- Worse still, I din even show up during the Raya BBQ organised by you guys...sobs..
- Of course, I have turned down Ms April W's invitations to go galavanting in KL as well

What have I been up to then ? What made me sound like someone so busy???
After analysing much, there seems to be ONE crucial reason as to why I failed to show up in
so many gatherings and that is " CLAsH oF TiMe!!" .

My parents have been actively visiting me and my sis in PJ. Well of course, coincidentally my dad has to attend some meetings held by the company's HQ in which he is working in. SO...when they come out , I seldom go back to Kampar of course. Then...I mah cannot see you all-loh...

Anyway, the main point is I was a bit disappointed that things came out like this.
Sorry for being a "M.I.A." friend..hehe.I don't know how important I am to you or if you still remember me..but I will remember you!!

* Sorry to Wei Chong, Engchi, Nobita and etc. I know I did not attend your graduations as well. Paiseh...
* M.I.A = Missing In Action

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