07 October 2009

Graduation 2008

I was looking through the folders until I came across these photos...It was my graduation's photo that took plave a year ago but i wud like to share it out loh.

People put in their facebook or friendster but I want to put in my blog ma...

That was one of the most important days I had so far. It was juz a ceremony but it meant a lot to me. It made me think through the ups and downs I have been through when I was still a student.

22 November 2008: The BIG Day

With my beloved sis...

Family Photo...

My Godma@Aunt from Kampar !!

Lovely cousin sis
Dun wanna reveal her name for privacy purposes ..keke
Last but not least, the JI MUI gang that came.
Love them to bits...

Actually later that night, I attended a graduation and college anniversary dinner one but I forgot which pendrive I kept the photos in...give me some time to search for it ...!!

Will get back to you soon ...Tata !!


  1. hey ther, sorry i did not attend your convo...
    anyhow, a big CONGRATS YA!!
    miss hanging out with u all :)

  2. No worries, Neoh...hhehe
    Thanks anyway.