29 October 2009

Kampar Wedding Dinner (Round 2)

See see...since my trip to KK on the 9th Oct til now also I have not uploaded my post bout that trip...

Until Sis Mel's second round of wedding dinner which was held in Kampar ...(that's 2 weeks later after the trip) I also belum boleh post up those pics...sobs .

Y ? The internet is giving hell of a time again. When i dun wanna use it, the speed was splendid!! When I wanna use it, the speed was worse than a tortoise's movements.GOSH !!

Anyway, I will these are some of the pictures taken by my dear Aunty Kat during the 2nd round of wedding dinner in Kampar at Jia Restaurant !!

Im not the one on the baby chair !! Spot me ?

Bride n Groom with Bride's papa n frenz

One young guy showing off his tiny bags..keke !!

After that wedding dinner, my family headed home loh...cuz I have to study for Japanese exams 2 days later . sobs !!

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  1. Head home and singgah makan satay Hj Samuri! LOL