23 August 2010

Full Moon Package

A colleague's baby full moon lo...so Ms Jojobing got a chance to eat a Full Moon Set in the office. 

This means FREE LUNCH for me !! Wahaha !! 

Let's take a look what's inside....

Sudah lama tarak makan Nasi Kunyit ler....It was nice ...so was the curry !! 
Portion was big ...till I cannot finish the whole box of food ...keke

The Kuih Ang Ku were nice. They have 2 flavours. 1 was the normal one while the other is one with peanuts...

Being a busybody , I looked all over the box to korek some info of these nice food. 
You also wanna buy or book full moon boxes like the one above ?? u see for yourself lah. 
Gua manyak letih...sudah mau tidok !


Go find out yourself.... dun make me suffer more today !!

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