29 August 2010

A midnight visit to I-City @ Shah Alam

It was a public holiday in Selangor ....n a normal Friday's night yumcha session turned to a small visit to I-City at Shah Alam ....

As most of the members of my gang were first timers there, WHICH includes myself, this idea popped out from Issac who has been there before ...

The place were greatly lighted with various colours of lights made into the shape of tree leaves...

It seems as if I am in a different world.....(certain parts only lah)...cuz im still sane n I can see many other people busily taking snapshots here n there !!

Self-Cam...the others were playing on their own...
The rest of the GANG ...!!
swans on tarred surface !!
close up on how some of the lights looked like...!!
China Town wanna-be !!
Jojobing in color-land...

The group members who went with me seldom take pictures one...it is a blessing that we managed to take some loh..
I have to take the pictures by myself all the time ...n this made me paiseh also , as if Im a camwhore !!

Cactus-land ...
That's all folks...this is Winter-land !!

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