23 August 2010

Sunway Hotel @ Prai, Penang (2010)

Becoz of work purposes, I have to drop by at Prai for 3 days....Of course I have to get someplace to stay for 2 nights !! If not, where do u expect me to sleep at ?/? By the streets or in the hotel lobby ???

In the end, I stayed at Sunway Hotel in Prai itself...as I was so FREEEEEE after dinner and I have nowhere to go to, of course "cam whoring" came into mind on the spot !!

Not only cam-whoring la...but also snap here n there loh...my fave hobby ma !! wahaha ...

Overview of the room which I was staying at !! 
Standard design and style loh....what to expect bo ???
One of the only 2 main hotels in Prai !! 

View outside the room window ...

Aiya...u still want picture of the washroom ke ?  no need lah...I did not take any pictures leh...Next time I show you nicer ones lah...kekeke

I tell you what I did during my trip to Prai next time...slowly wait lah...kekeke

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