09 September 2009

Penjaga Kereta


This is another member of my family in Sea Park. She is the guardian angel of Si Comot !!


Si Comot is my beloved car lah. I will not show you how Si Comot looks like...later u envy the cuteness of Si Comot so much until u Beh Song liao...

The main thing Im talking about here is Ah Pui, that is Si Comot's guardian...

Ah Pui is one cute being...it always smile in front of you and it never show you a sad face...
When I am too bored waiting in the jam ....or waiting for my sis to come out of college, I will look at Ah Pui and play with it ..She can also be one funny punching bag...you poke her, kick her , giver her a few smack...she will return you a smile...an everlasting smile !!

dihukum gantung !!
Ah Pui is a good penjaga kereta. It watches over Si Comot 24 x 7...uwaaa..so loyal..hehehehe

All in all, Ah PUi has been with me for almost a year. Happy Birthday to you !!

* Don't you think Ah Pui's 'legs' or tentacles look like banana ?
* If Ah PUi dun have these banana feet anymore, don't you think that she will look like a


  1. she'll look like 'a scoop of greentea ice-cream' without the tentacles.. hahaha~

  2. AH~~i know apui sibling~~~!!!!Dua pui tat belong to ade!!!!miss dua pui~!!