19 May 2009

A Newbie in Town

I have a new neighbour, a newbie in my department. His name is Nicholas. A senior took the newbie on a parade around my dept introducing who these people are.

I don't lie one ok..That is his name
That's his place loh
Then he went to 3 different levels to get 3 things done:-

1. To get his IBM Tag
He will get one just like mine. I looked retarded here !!
2. To get the keys to his workdesk
3. To get himself a laptop for work + register himself to get a personal email address + phone

I have gone thru all these processes also on my first day of work. He is better than me lah as his immediate senior treated him way better. I was out of luck on my first day of work, my immediate manager was on emergency leave whereby another senior manager had to come pick this poor little kitten (me-lah) from the reception after waiting for 2 hours.
Back to the newbie story...

I got a BIG SHOCK after I glanced over to Nicholas's table. He was supplied with new STATIONERIES by the senior.It seems she has requested the dept secretary to give him the necessary supplies.

Y am I SHOCKED ? Cuz I did not get them when I first came. Like I said, my immediate manager was on leave for 2-3days.The senior manager was too busy to pamper me also.

These are what he got :

1. New stapler ( Me : I borrowed from my colleague)
2. New stapler bullets ( Me : depends if my colleague has the supply or not)
3. Highlighters ( Me : used to borrow from my colleague. Now, I brought one from
4. Pen ( Me: also brought from home )
5. Notebook ( Me: I got that at the beginning of the year. Everyone in this dept got
6. The orange string thingy ( Me: Everyone in my dept also got that last quarter.)
7. Pendrive (Me: Did not get it o my first day. Got that last quarter together with
Nobody even told me that I can request for stationeries until my beloved colleague/fren told me that. It seems that she also faced the same fate as mine.
That's all I wanna tok about for now...

*Nicholas, if u ever read this, I am neither mad nor jealous. I just wanted to express how silly I was not knowing that the company actually supplied the newbies with stationeries lah. & also hoh, Y my seniors @ manager did not ask for me la...


  1. haha.. almost same to me..
    the 1st day, i jus request 1 blue,red,black pen..huhu my manager oso din ask me to request other things.. but last week, the newbie even got new office table and cabinet with all new stationery!i work about 6month, the things she request for herself more than me!huhu

  2. Yaloh...maybe i look very scary or maybe i am transparent in the eyes of these seniors/ managers !!

  3. now everyday request one la.. pertandingan see who request more.. haha

  4. Gou Lou, later i kena blacklisted lah !!

  5. Hey, Nicholas here..

    First time to your blog and was wondering did you published a post about my first day in IBM.

    And you did. Yea, Joanne has been very nice to me on my first day :)

    When did you took those pics?