27 May 2009

How to stay awake in the OFFICE

I was busy cleaning up my company email archives until I came across a hilarious email. It was sent by me to a colleague, Ah Ai.

Both Ah Ai and I used to send email to each other to keep ourselves occupied whenever we were free. So one fine day, she emailed me and told me that she was extremely sleepy. I, out of nowhere, came out with various ideas how to keep her awake.

What I replied to her :

Sleepy ? I have thought of a few ways to make you awake...

1. Run around the office for 3 laps. You can also sing while u run or yell " I Will Survive"

2. Go wash your face with hot water...surely u'll wake up from the heat.
n your face dun need any blusher..natural blusher after the hot water. muhaha
3. Go ask Angie to give a few tight slaps...maybe that may help..
4. Run over to Canteen Lady's seat n eat up all her Hersheys...
5. Swim around with the carps in One Utama's pond
6. Go chat with your boss n tell him everything u know

(personal/ work wise..etc)
7. Go walk around the office n tell each and everyone that you like him/her. Movements

may wake u up
8. Go to the vending machine, ask the Milo guy to give you consume Nescafe powder - you'll

never get sleepy for the next few days..hahaha
9. Or, you can sleep...but draw 2 eyes on a piece of white paper n stick them to your eyelids
so that noone will know tat you are sleeping
10. Call 2000 and ask whether there is a cure for sleepiness...
11. Or go to the pond n get a tortoise to bite your finger. Surely you'll be awake for the rest

of the day ...
12. Blast your laptop loudly with songs until the whole office can hear
13. Stand up on the table n yell - I WILL NEVER FALL ASLEEP !!

Hope that these ideas are workable.

* 2000 is a phone number we IBMers call to get techincal solutions if we ever have
problems with out Laptop/ email/ ...any IT related stuff .

What do you think ? In my opinion, suggestion No. 2 & 8 might work very well.

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