14 May 2009

Food Supply @ Office

I don't know about you, but I do have some food supply hidden in the biggest drawer of my workdesk.

That's the drawer.. my so-called Food Source!!

Dun be surprised lah..I did not stock it 100% full ...

Full View of my drawer-loh...

A closer view ....

You can see that i have BOH Green Tea which sucks.PLEASE don't drink that one. I can't taste any green in the tea..kekeke..It is TRUE! Im not lying.Then the small small yellow n green packets are also green tea. They are Korean Brown Rice Green Tea which I grabbed from a Korean Food Fair in One U not long ago. They tasted way better than the BOH which I officially BAN for life !!

Another closer view ...

The transparent container on the upper left is my Jacob's Instant Oat supply. I had them for lunch sometimes when I do not feel like eating in One U.
I have chocolate wafer as well as Apollo Choco Biscuit. These 2 things were the most commonly seen snacks sold in the canteen of the primary school which I attended. I do not know why I have not tried these 2 wafers before when I was young. Up till now only i triedthem. I sounded so outdated..hehehe !

I even have PILLOW BISCUITS (Biskut Bantal) brought all the way from my hometown ! Y from hometown ? I asked my mum to bring them to me. I brought them to the office since my sis does not like them. Oh yeah, Cloud 9 !! I juz bought them..their sizes have shrunk to half their ori size. So disappointing..
Lastly, the kacang supply n dried passion fruit on my table..I do not really like sweets except the special or unique ones..so u won't get to see me eating sweets very often.

That's all I have to show off.These are my not so healthy food supply in the office. Their main purposeare not to help me solve my hunger ...but to help me stay awake when I miss my bed truly, madly, deeply!


  1. Wahahaha... hebat wor.. if im your colleague, sure will find u everyday..hehe cos im do the same here.. alwys asking them got wat to eat..ngek.ngek..


  2. See la who suggested you to buy the Cloud 9...hehehe..

  3. food is important to pass time also lah...

  4. BOH green tea suck masa besar! agree wit you.. cuz i bought one, cuz it's way cheaper than others.. so, in conclusion, cheap things not good, good things not cheap

  5. i still have one sachet of BOH left. wonder when am i goin to take it ?

    Maybe i will offer it to someone i dun like ..haha

  6. fat lor fat lor!!