13 May 2009

Passing Time @ Genting Trip (April 2009)

Since this cik adik is not permitted to visit the casino, we left the adults and jalan-jalan around First World on our own-ler...After that, we got a drink and sat down near the Rock-Climbing area.That's where the photo-snapping marathon started.

Guardians of First World Plaza overlooking the whole place

Liberty having a freaking good time!!

Needless to say that the background is nice!

Later, we went to the video arcade. We threw basketballs, car raced, drum banging, can shooting and also putting out the fire.

With all the coupons which seem a lot to us, we only managed to exchanged 2 things. A Snow World Cup (that's the best looking cup I could find there) and a Genting Highland Keychain.

Went for snacks at McDonald's before meeting up with parents and aunt who came out of the casino.Till now, Im not truly sure how much they have won or lost..

A sopo busy chewing on a french fry

We took chinese food for lunch and then went for a walk and also to suck in some cooling, so-called fresh, mountain air. I took them to have a brisk walk near the Superman ( roller-coaster) right outside First World Plaza. Coincidentally, the second part of Thai fair was over that area. A long row of tent-like stalls were built and you can see a lot of Thai made products there...

Thai Fair as usual, selling things like mini sized dresses. skirts, shirts, PJamas...etc...

Pic 1: The two aunties (Ah Leong & JJ) were busy looking and bargaining with the stall owner

Pic 2 :A scary Angelina J. in town ?
Where is Ah Teh then ?

There he was , busy investigating how the Flying Coaster works...Or maybe he was thinking of trying out once himself ?

The last part will come very soon !!


  1. a person who os dying to play.. hohoMay 22, 2009 at 2:48 AM

    unexcited trip to genting bcoz.... I DONT GET TO GO TO THE THEMEPARK!!! BOOHOOHOOHOO!!!! WAE WAE WAE GU RAE!!! but luckily lepak tak lah bosan sangat.. hehehe...

  2. yalah yalah...next time bring you there lah..