03 September 2010

Accomodating to others' needs

I believe I might have been accommodating too much on other people's needs until I have no time for myself ....

Maybe this is because I cared bout these people. whenever they say they wanna do this do that...i will always try to join in as much as possible. 

Yeap, it is undeniable that I wanna go play play myself but sometimes, my time is so darn packed until I felt like I dun really have the time to face my own laptop and enjoy the internet....anyway, the internet line sucks most of the time. 

Such acts of accommodation led myself to exhaustion...maybe even Brand's Chicken Essence also cannot help me leh !! 

See ! See ! Im blurting out nonsense already .....but they are mostly true lah...

Juz wanna share this out , to people who have been accommodated to most of the time . hehe...

NITEZ !! Ooppsss...it is morning dy ...so GOOD MORNING !!

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