19 April 2010

Lizards Termination Tactic

"I despise Lizards....they rummage through rubbish bins lah...not afraid of humans...they shit around the place...n they are scary looking ..." by Jojobing, Facebook

Yes. I do not like them....they are Cold-Blooded reptiles!! They scare me like nobody's business and yet they just love to come to my house in PJ...

I wonder what do they like so much about my house ...as if the rubbish in the bins of other houses are not yummy enough !! I tried to keep things tidy n clean as they are but to no avail !! 

Partly because the kitchen windows stay open 24/7 !! Should I just admit that they are a bit too hard to be closed ?? Dun care-lah !! 

I have found this way almost a year ago, hoping that I can reduce the amount of this pest visiting my house !! 
TADAA !! Cockroach & Lizard Glue Trap....

Brand : Family ( Main office in IPOH leh )

Place more cockroach & lizard trapper for better result ???
Then I mah have to buy more ...means better business for this company  loh ???

That's the area where these sticky-beings like to hang around !

Oh yeah!! Before that, u have to take out one of these trap and fold it into a 'hut'...
Yes loh, one box has 5 traps n 5 baits....

Fold ...fold ...fold...add bait ...put at the place where lizards like to hang around ...
Be patient at least give them a night's time lah to go into the trap....

* You can always put in additional bait maaa...like a TINY BIT of :-
- Pau Skin
- sugarless biscuit crumbs ( if u put sugar u mah attract more pests loh- i meant ants )
- bread crumbs
- keropok 

Results : The next day !! 

Jaaang !!!!

Yes, there's only one ....I think the most I managed to capture was a max of 2 lizzies...(good! now they even have nicknames ).
I think hoh, there won't be more than 2 lizards in one trap as the TRAPPED LIZZY must have warned the others not to get trapped like it did...that's y the rest did not get tricked !! 

Conclusion : Lizards have brains...They use their brain well !!
                           Not necessary to buy "Ridsect" brand which is RM 1-2 more expensive  
                           than the one Im using !!


  1. I got mine from Carrefoure. I used to buy them from Jusco too...kekeke

  2. Eeeuuu....!!!

    I hate the last pic of the lizard...where it has been trapped!! You aaa....

    -Ah Ai-