17 April 2010

Ms Wong's Bday countdown @ Velvet/ Phuture, Zouk

This is not LIME JUICE... It looked like one but it is not !! 
What is it then ?? N also what are those in cute cups and a slice of lemon on top of each ??

The lime juice lookalike is Lime Vodka...the other 2 small ones are Tequilas while the 2 tall ones are obviously BEER...They are alcoholic booze...Dun worry...I did not gulp down all of them...They were shared among a few people including me myself lah...

Explanation on what was goin on:-
This is Velvet - Zouk at 10/04/2010
Came here with Ms Wong n friends right after dinner at 7ate9.

Obviously is a girls' day out !! 


Duet snap shot with the Birthday Gal !!
* The DJ at the back JUZ loved Justin Timberlake's songs !!

The final shot ...
Who's that guy ??
He was the camera man throughout the time !! He is also Ms. Wong's friend-la...

Conclusion: Ms Wong enjoyed herself that night !! So was I and her friends, too !!
Happy Belated Birthday to you, gal !!

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