01 April 2010

Announcement: Im Moving Back To Kampar

Yes. Im moving back to Kampar after giving it a long long thought.

Y ? Too many reasons that made me wanna go back to my beloved hometown.

1. I cannot stand the hustle & bustle of life in KL. People are everywhere and I'll   
   always have to be aware of almost everyone that passed by me. So tiring...

2. Transportation wise, driving around in KL/ PJ uses up so much petrol. Talk about tolls ,   
    they really made a hole in my pockets. If I take public transport, how in the world will I 
    go to work. There's basically no public transport in my area that goes into the area 
    where I work...

3. Higher cost of living. It's so disappointing that I can't save any money if I have to spend 
    it here like nobody's business. Somemore, the prices charged for FOOD is so bloody 
    expensive for the low cost spent to buy ingredients by the hawker/restaurant.

4. People wise, their minds are too hard to be understood. Even friends...they dun really 
    look for me. Maybe they dunno that im the type who dun look for people if they dun 
    look for me. That's because I know that Im not an important person in their hearts 
    compared to the others. Whether I attend or do not attend any function organised by 
    them, they won't be bothered. I might as well go home to get the comfort from family 
    n relatives !!

That's why, Kampar is a much better place to stay at...I guess I might just end up in TAR / UTAR and be a lecturer there...that is if im lucky enough.
Anyway, I love Kampar food the most...

Are you doubting what I talked about above is true ? Think about it !!! 
What I said is partly true though some may not seem relevant to you..

I will be truly touched if any of you understand how I feel
about it.

Thank you for believing what I said so far but just don't go too far from your own point of view cuz....


Did I get you ? I hope I did....teehehehehe

* Apologies to those who nearly fainted after reading my post....
* Im not moving back yet lah...what I mentioned above is merely a prank