30 March 2010

Cry while you listen

Ever cried listening to a sad song ?

Me ? Of course-lah...If not, why would I waste my time asking such a question wor ?? 
I think my case is a bit different than the majority. 

First of all, I do not understand the lyrics at all...cuz the song is in KOREAN.
How could I even feel sad when I don't know what the singer was singing in the first place ? Was I being disturbed by some problems in mind? NO...

The thing is the melody sounds so pitiful until I feel sad myself. Somemore, the singer must have sang and conveyed the sadness through his voice so well that it made me feel heavy in the heart...

When I listen to a song, I focused more on the melody than the lyrics. What for I want to understand the lyrics if the melody is no good??? 

Call me weirdo but THAT's me. I think I have not told this to anyone except my sis...
Now the whole world knows..kyahaha..

I guess this is one reason why I don't mind listening to songs of any language as long as the melody is within the genres which I like.

 ** I do not cry everytime I listened to a sad song...Im not up to that stage. However, tears might start flooding the eyes if my mood was slightly down that very day !! 

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