05 April 2010

Zang Toi ( West 57th St. Cafe) : The Pavillion Outing

A weekend outing with my Bestie was something which I have not done for ages ....weird huh !! Anyway, it was an enjoyable moment with her ....missed the good old times so muchy !!

Well, me not knowing my way to The Pavillion, was brought there by Ms Wong (Besty/ bestie ...anything lah). She drove us there leh..

OKOK. First things first .. we reached there, bought movie tickets in GSC and went hunting for LUNCH ...Well, we ended up in Zang Toi's "West 57th St. Cafe" inside Parkson. It was my first time eating there though..

Ms Jojobing managed to grab a few snaps after we ordered our food ..

Mirrors Mirrors on the wall...who is the fairest of them all ????
The owner must have loved mirrors so so much !! Anyway, if you like anyone of them, you can always buy them !! They're for sale ....in the meantime, they work as a deco 

Yeah lah ...as time passed by, surely the food will be served ma. I took a set lunch loh .

Main Dish : Nasi Lemak Rendang 
Looks yummy ?? Wait for my dessert loh. hahaha

Drink : Iced Lemon Tea 
Nice cup :p

Dessert : Chocolate Banana Cake 
The choco cake was warm ...nice combination with ice-cream ...

Ms Wong's food lagi syok : Stuffed Chicken Breast (with Cheese ) 
At the far end, those were curly fries ...

Mixed Fruit Punch: Limau Kasturi with Orange Juice / skin and sth sth ...
Refreshing !!

Never judge a dish/ drink by its exterior look...haha

Of coz we did not leave the place right after we stopped eating...we chatted,joked, complained and crapped looo.. What we have was time that day ...haha

I liked the food there lah...portion is obviously BIG loh...
If you like the mirrors, come over here to get one yourself...haha


  1. My set was RM15.90 ++
    (Drink + Main Course + Dessert )

    As for Ala Carte, it's around RM15 - RM 20 like that. around that range ...