25 March 2010

Unwanted promises

I dislike it when people give me empty promises. Even if it's a minial thing, I will always bear in mind what people have promised me.

There have been many experiences where I was given empty promises!!
These people include relatives, friends and my EX as well. muhahaha

I understand some of these people are forgetful enough to remember that they did promise me such things. I dun blame them...However....

Too much promises increases hope and anticipation ...Once broken, they all come crashing down. It's painful inside and this type of wound will never be seen from the outside.

Due to constant disappointment, I try not to thorouhgly believe what others say / promise me UNTIL they really do it. Then I will sincerely thank them..

"Why did you naively believed what people said?" You might be thinking this right now. Yeah, maybe Im naive after all but Im changing dy.

What I want to say is ....dun say things lightly just for the sake of sweet talking !!
Dun tell me if you know you can't do it...

* Dun misunderstand me "beh song" u ...Im juz stating out what I feel. I do not 
  hold a grudge against you. 

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