25 March 2010

Packed Work Desk !!

Yup, I have posted before and showed you how my tiny little work corner looked like. 
Around Aug - Sept 2009

Right now, there are several differences compared to what it used to look like-loh:-

1. Table looked empty and I was given a laptop to use. One fine day, it was warded into   
    the hospital and never returned.
    So NOW..I am using a desktop already. With the desktop and CPU around, my table 
    definitely has less space-loh. 

March 2010

2. A few months back : very little documents / papers 
   Now                      : almost everywhere around me. Huh !! Im definitely not conserving
                                 the environment. Mother nature will hate me for that.But it is not 
                                 my fault also bo...Most of my work requires paper ma.
3. A few months back: No personal stuff
   Now                      : Brought in a few personal stuff loh. Looked more home-like. 

More paraphernalia on the table dy..

4. A few months bck:  looked tidy everywhere
   Now                    : Not like it used to be ..

Will I be assumed as someone untidy ?? I hope not cuz im not that untidy ...of course im not a 100% tidy person. Maybe 60-80 % ?? hehehe

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