22 March 2010

New Year's Eve BBQ Dinner (2009/10)

Seems like Im telling my stories backwards....isn't it special ?? teeheehee...Im going back to the past...the very past...

The end of 2009 was just around the very small corner . Yes !! Within a few hours time,  2010 will replace 2009 ! Since everyone (relatives) was around, a BBQ Dinner was suggested and POOF !! the planned went well as planned ....

I went to work on the 31st Dec 2009, so I was not there to help out much with the preparations ler...The aunts, my mum, and sisters did almost all...

What I saw in my aunt's house when I got back from work 

wrapped corn & sweet potatoes

What was going on in the kitchen ?
Aunts were busy preparing fried rice.
It was for those who can't wait to eat as BBQ-ing those uncooked food takes time.... 

and also the preparation of Gwai Lou Ikan Bakar 
1. Prepare some fish fillet ( Dory fish will do)
2. sprinkle with some rosemary, herbs, and also black pepper...
Be creative !! Use your own imagination to try out new recipes...

3. wrap , wrap , wrap ...

4. ready to be BBQ-ed...not eat !!

Aunt JJ did another recipe as well ...
Belacan Ikan Bakar loh..
1. Put in all these ingredients into an aluminium foil
2.Add in belacan sauce 
3. wrap wrap wrap 
4. Walla !! Ready to be thrown into the fire...hehehe

Dessert (prepared by Sis Melisa) : Flourless Chocolate Cake 
you can get the recipe if you CLICK here 
for more recipes, go to http://kittystorebiz.blogspot.com

Where were the guys ??
Busy starting up the fire ....In fact, it's an excuse for them to play with fire...haha

Main CHEFs for the night :

Head Chef of skewers : Uncle Isa 

Head Chef of Meat and Poultry BBQ-ing : Bro Singh 

Head Chef of Aluminium Stuffed Food Bakar: Bro. Tee

All 3 chefs did a good job !!

That's all folks ...what ? you want more ? 
Wait for the next post or next next post or even longer lah. haha

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