06 March 2010

Ocean Seafood Village (Kota Kinabalu trip 09)

This event happened a long long time ago....back in 2009 when I attended my cousin sis's  wedding in Kota Kinabalu. Only now I have the drive to share my makan experience with my dear readers...!!

Sis Belinda belanja-ed the whole gang makan besar in a famous seafood restaurant right about 5-8 mins walk away from our rented apartments. The place looked 'grand' to me lah. 

Looking at the interior at the front also made me 'felt' like 'Dun play play ooo'. Later the LOBSTER eat me up ...

After we got a table for ourselves, a few adults went to KEPOH at the area where all LIVE seafood were displayed. Actually 2 adults were in charge of ordering the dishes ...I, who tagged along also wanna witness these sea creatures maaaa...

Abundant of choices for customers to choose 

Some pics I managed to snap 


The Thousand Legs GANG 

ABALONES in plastic bottles...one good way to recycle -lah !!

The STONE Fish.I wonder if it's flesh is as hard as a stone 

We waited while we munched on some appetizers ..

& ALAS, the food has arrived :-
Chicken -loh 

Steamed fresh prawn - the flesh was succulently sweeettt !!

Fried SOFT SHELL CRAB - FRAGRANT n CRUNCHY ....slurp slurp..

                      Steamed Fish - I liked this method of preparing a FISH DISH !!

TOFU something something ...couldn't even recall dy !!

Can't leave the veges maaa... 

Last but not least , I have to express my appreciation for the experience of eating in this restaurant during my trip in Kota Kinabalu ...THANK YOU , SIS BELINDA for the treat...kekekeke

In truth, I dunno the price for the whole dinner, so dun expect to get any answers from me..But surely it costs a bit expensive to eat in Ocean Seafood Village lah. 

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