10 March 2010

First Dinner of 2010

DINNER TIME !! People, come grab your seats ....

2 aunts (supposed to be the 2 main cook-lah) plus Kak Supin (I suppose) cooked these dishes for 2010 New Year Day's dinner. It was nice having dinner together at aunt's place rather than scratching our heads off not being able to decide where to have our dinner. Some more, there were quite a lot of ingredients left from New Year Eve's BBQ Dinner.Y put them to waste & throw them into the bin ?

The busy bees setting up the makan table:-

The food as served :

Sweet & Sour Fish                  Fried Mixed Vegetable 

                                             Fried Fishballs           Long Beans with shredded meat ??

                               Fried 2 Kinds of Fish Fillet      Stir Fried Mushrooms (home recipe)

The Most Important Thing that Can't be Left Out :
Mixed Belacan Sauce 

I was extremely full after the dinner as I was asked to finish some of the food so that they won't end up in the rubbish bin....

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