24 September 2009

My Work Desk

I don't think I have shown people how my new workplace looks like...

This is just a view from my desk..the partitions are really high

It is not that big !! However, the place I was assigned to sit and lurk around from 8.30-6.00 every weekday is cozy ...though not that personal. Everyone has to pass by my place in order to get to the front door. So a lot of them must have dropped tonnes of BULU KAKI around my place...ish ish ish..

My Own Corner

Luckily the table is big enough for all my stuff !!

Where does my Boss sit ? In a room of course...

THE ROOM !! Located on my left (meaning: blocked by partitions)

Stationeries : Fully Sponsored by COMPANY !! NOT by myself ...at last


Sorry-la..I may sound like I came from a Kampung..but what to do ? I did not have the chance to enjoy such privileges last time (cuz noone told me so!!)

Summary of workplace : So far so good...!! Haha


  1. wah, seem like desk fro super executive wooo

  2. just reading this post and I thought this is a good change compared to the previous one~ where you have tukar sooooo many tempat! hehe