08 May 2009

The First Stop @ Genting Trip (April 2009)

On the way to First World Plaza, we passed by several signboards about the happenings in Genting Highlands !!
The list of artists who are goin to have concerts in Genting
- Hins Cheung ( April 2009)
- Cheng Kam Cheong, George Lam & Fei Yu Ching also have
"Songkran Festival" @Thai fair was held in First World
We took a stroll around First World Plaza before we came across Songkran Festival. It was located along the street nearby the main stage in First World. They were selling handicrafts which we Malaysians normally see-lah. Y ? Cuz we are near to Thailand ma...We can easily get some Thai handicrafts and products in PM Boutique just by crossing the border.
Here comes the main part ... Ah Teh, Ah Leong and JJ would like to go into the casino. They wanna bring my sista along...SO we just walked past the security just like what others did ..BUT the police stopped my sis loh n they asked for her IC. She is 21 years old dy if we see her age using her year of birth. However, she is not until Nov 2009. Hahaha..
We made our second try (using another entrance lah) n I WAS ASKED TO SHOW MY IC as well....... I WAS ASKED FOR MY IC !! ........
That was how I felt that time.Heart Exploded of happiness.Felt wonderful !!
Who wouldn't be happy when u are no longer below 21 n yet the police asked to check your IC in the casino? muhahahaha !!
...more to come to you soon ...!!

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  1. thick faced girlMay 22, 2009 at 2:52 AM

    apa la... u were asked to show the ic once only... but i got TWICE!! TWICE man!! haha.. i shud b the one xploded wiv happiness!! hohoho.. dont b jealous ya!!