05 May 2009

My Butt is HOT !!

Why ? Why ? Can anyone tell me whhhyyy???
Why do I have to wear diapers ? Am I sick ?

I have no more 'face' to see people. Where am I goin to hide my face the next time i see people? The weather's hot & my butt gets sweaty...!!

Somemore, I dunno who drew some pictures on my diapers...everyday also different patterns. Such act cannot change the fact that my BUTT is still HOT !! This one even have my name on it !!

I did come out with an idea of how to make my mum release me from wearing these thick, cotton butt wrapper....wanna know how ?




That's stay looking depressed and Lie flat on the floor without moving an inch !!
This is how I did it ...

Guess my attempts failed badly. These people did not even think of getting me off the diapers !!


  1. Poor Molly!! for having an aunt like you!!
    Next time you have to dress her up in a nicer outfit la..like a princess or sumthing...and no diapers please this time..and post an entry on her..ehhehe...

  2. Well, there is actually a reason y she wore diapers...hahaha

    somemore, she is wearing one meant for babies as those for dogs are too expensive !!

  3. Yeap. It was her time of the month or year ? Im unsure bout canines...blur blur !!

  4. Wao, the dog are very cute!!!

  5. miss molly sooo much!! ^^
    apa la.. nxt time nonit to wear diaper dy!! yeah!! so, nonit to b sad n depress again.. haha