18 April 2009

My Christmas in 2008

I know it is too much to post something that has happened for around 6 months back. I am still determined to create this post as I felt that it is a waste not to put up such lovely, yet colourful photos during Xmas 2008.

This is the 8 feet tall xmas tree standing grandly in the dining hall
with countless xmas presents beneath it.
Presents which will be exchanged among relatives right after the makan event !

My aunt organised an Xmas Luncheon specifically for family members. I have to wake up early in the morning to help out in the kitchen. I was not the only helper. A few more relatives were around to give my aunt a hand.

After enduring much hardship, the time has finally come. Food were served on the gigantic table in the dining hall and the number of guests were seen to be increasing. There was not enough time and I have not even taken my bath yet!! Everyone who entered the kitchen saw a pyjamas clad gal busy with the fryer, preparing one of the last dishes for the event...!!

What to do? I had to take my mother's role since she was not around. My sis was sick and my parents had to stay back in hometown n look after her.

Ok. My uncle did a good job in decorating/ garnishing the dishes as well as arranging them nicely on the dining table. His attentiveness has made the dining hall a colorful & attractive place to be in. The food definitely teased my tastebuds once I laid my eyes upon them.

An abundance of food for everyone on Xmas Day !

Some food were prepared by the guests. Every family brought something to be shared among the others as well. Let's take a look at the yummy-licious food...

The Main Attraction: Roast Turkey
( Dish that requires the most time to prepare ) :

Yes. It is roast turkey. Took around 2 hours plus to get it fully cooked / roasted. My youngest aunt did a good job in it.

This is fried LOBAK
( pardon me muslim frenz, this is made from non halal meat )

Fried mee hoon ( prepared my Supin, my aunt's maid)

Salad ( by my cousin sister )

Roast lamb ( ordered from a caterer )
Ham ( brought by another cousin sister )

Spaghetti & Sauce ( prepared by a relative who is the owner of Strawberry Cafe,PJ )

Santa Claus Agar-agar ( bought by a relative )

Fried Rice
Cocktail sausages
& etc.
Everyone were happy and glad to have gathered up and have this celebration. Family members' bondage grow stronger from constant get- togethers. We exchanged presents after the luncheon. By the end of the day, everyone left the place with a smile attached on their faces...


  1. any stories related to ur cny 2009? interesting!!

  2. will try to korek korek someting to talk about CNY 2009