06 May 2009

The Journey There @ Genting Trip ( April 2009 )

I have stated in my previous post that I will describe about my trip to Genting in 2009.

I went with my family and an aunt a DAY earlier than the Kampar Gang..too bad they did not go on the same day..if not, I could have meet up with them for a get-together session on the highlands.

We started our journey at around 10 sth after sunrise.

The guy in the pic is the driver for the trip (my Ah Teh) while the lady at the back is my 'Leong Chan'.

Then,where are the rest of the people ? Who was sitting next to Ah Teh in the front ?
It is none other than my aunt (JJ).

I cannot show you a pic of Aunt JJ as she prefers to stay anonymous..so showing you the some
of her hair n right hand will do.

My sis and I were hiding at the other corner of the car..busy taking pictures to ' mengisi masa lapang'.After a few clicks of camera, we have reached the mountain top. It was not that cold...Cooling though..
Ah Teh, Ah Leong n JJ looked excited. They hired me as their tour guide FREE OF CHARGE !!
I brought them all the way from the older hotels to First World Plaza via the Indoor Themepark..

...to be continued ....

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  1. I'm waiting for the 2nd part.... fai fai post