06 April 2009

My New Third Home !!

This is the place I have to face 8 hours a day, 5 times a week !! Of course, where else would it be if it is not my own workstation in IBM Malaysia?

I have just shifted to this new corner after another dept manager expanded her territory , where my previous workstation is in her land. Sounds like I was pushed away !! 2 colleagues shifted their places as well as we were of the same fate !!

We thought we were goin to be refugees but we managed to get our own workstation juz two rows away from my previous place. I loved this new location and I kind of added some colors to my place to make it look more colorful than it's usual self. See for yourself !

Welcome to my corner !! That's how simple it is .

I got the leaflets from restaurants around One U just to add some flavors to the partitons. At least I have some colourful pictures to see..!! Totally F.O.C. somemore. That would be my Thinkpad of course, n u can see a teddy bear is peeking out from the screen. Cute !!
Another reason why I loved this place is because there are windows stretached to the other end of the building which is juz a few steps away from me. So when Im so stressed up with work, I can just jump down from here ..haha !!

The blinds don't really block the view of the outside world

I get to see KL Tower, Plaza Vads and also Telekom Tower from my place when the sky is extremely clear...

Lastly, this is my neighbour's place. She is away for the day so I can only show you her place.

My new neighbour's place.
I have another neighbour just behind the partition...but it seems like she has not given me that photo as I borrowed her camera to take these few pixy. Guess she must have deleted that photo as she would prefer to be anonymous in my blog !!


  1. Ah Jo aaa,

    I gave you la the photos we took together.

  2. Anyway, good to read your new entry. Hope to see a lot more from you soon.

    You know me! :-)