07 April 2009

Nyonya Full Moon Box

When i first saw this box, I thought someone gave me a cake ....but I am wrong!!
It is a Full Moon Package given to me by a colleague who delivered a cute baby boy on 23 Feb 2009.

Before I got it open, i tried to figure out how much does a box of full moon thingy cost ? This one muz be quite expensive judging by the quality of the cardbox plus the colours and design....

The food in it looks yummy !! There were 2 Red Hard Boiled Eggs which is a must for those celebrating their baby's full moon. Then there were a box of Nasi Kunyit with a Rendang Chicken Thigh. Lastly, there were 2 local kuih called as 'Ang Ku' among the people from my hometown.

Folks , thats how a Nyonya Style Full Moon Package looks like ! I enjoyed the food. Hope u enjoyed looking at the pictures...:P

1 comment:

  1. nice one! if i was not mistaken, one box, for the cheapest cost around rm18.80 if we get from ipoh... :)