17 April 2009

My Dream Guy !!

It was love at first sight I presume and I am deeply attracted to him. Never in my wildest dream have I ever thought of meeting him in Genting .It may sound insane but you have to believe it or not!!

There are a few qualities which I totally like about him:-
1. He is tall. He is only slightly shorter than me when he sits and I stand.
2. He is honest. He showed me his true feelings right on the spot whether he liked me or
3. He is friendly. He tried looking for friends around him but people naturally avoided him.
Maybe the way he approached people tend to scare them off.
4. He has a big body structure. His bones are well seen especially his collar bones. They are
totally awesome.
5. He smiles all the time with a sincere heart, organs...?

OK OK..!! I know you want to know who this person is. You want to get a peek on who this lucky/unlucky guy can be. I managed to get a snapshot with him. He was real camera shy but he was happy to take a pic with me. Hahahaha. I am shy also..paiseh-lah to show off his pic wit me..hehe.

Shall let u have a peek ? You guys will sure like him one..n im scared you gals out there will envy me...want a countdown ?






WHAT !!! At least he showed me his true self without freaking me out the next time..!!

*This is plainly a JOKE !! Please do not take this seriously....


  1. Was tat found nearby Ripley's?

  2. If this is the man, you don't ask me later why I was not there at your wedding!!

  3. wahaha..so gau siu.. i din know you also got blog until i saw from kien teik's thr..

  4. Gou Lou..long time no see..n Yes, I do have a blog

    Im trying to make it more active ..hehehe..