07 April 2009

Gloria Jeans & me

I have been going in and out of Plaza IBM for the past one year and FINALLY, I get to have a grip on Gloria Jeans' Coffee. My boss from SG who came to visit the people in my dept treated us coffee on a Friday morning.

Besides treating us coffee, he bought something else, which is hot chocolate but the other colleagues got to them first..therefore, I have to take coffee...

Anyway, Gloria Jeans is not as popular as Starbucks or Coffee Bean . It may be because Gloria did not promote her own products as massive as the other brands in Malaysia....

However, Gloria do have a wider selection of chocolate drinks which looks yummy to me like White Hot Chocolate, Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows and etc.

Maybe because Gloria is a lady herself n therefore, she give as much as 50% off for any lady who walks in and purchase any drink or sandwich on Tuesdays...!! Guys, get your girlfriends to buy for you if u want cheaper coffee or sandwiches on Tuesdays.

Ok, back to the story lah...the cup of coffee was too big for me and I have to add a few packets of sugar into it as I have a sweet tooth. Hope I won't get diabetic at this age. sobs..

And out of the blue , two silly gals took a snapshot of themselves..as if they were promoting the product. Hope that this photo won't tarnish the image that Gloria built.

Wanna know more about Gloria Jeans ?

Go to their official website yourself-lah at :



  1. Wakakaka...

    I look so dark in the pic..uuwaaa...Gloria surely loves to see us with their cup of coffee..since it's quite difficult to see people in Gloria, but Starbucks and Coffee Beans and San Fran Coffee..

  2. Free advertisements
    Just for coffee
    Gloria winks
    No payment....see

    Innocently pose
    Branding coffee
    Go tell Gloria
    Maybe you get free

    The age of advertising
    Learn its tricks and treats
    Gloria will be in cloud 9
    Seeing you giving free space
    in the web world
    Satisfied customers....

    Too much sugar
    It isn't good for well being
    Know your limit
    Of any brand of coffee

  3. First time drinking coffee ar?? No headache meh??

  4. Not the first time...but first time trying out Gloria Jeans..hehe