17 February 2009



I have lost something which I cherished most. It is something which my mother gave me and I loved it a lot. Below are the details of my Lost Item :-

Description :Home made Crispy crab stick . Put in a transparent plastic
bottle with a red lid. The bottle was half full when last seen. It
was a CNY delicacy which my mum prepared for me to bring to PJ.
Height : Around 20 cm tall.
Last seen (place) : IBM Malaysia work desk.
Last seen (time/date ) : 5.30 pm , 5th Feb 2009

If found, please contact Ms Jojobing at joe_cwy83@hotmail.com.

Reward for those who finds it :
A thank you email from Jojobing together with a Thank You card .
Your help is most appreciated.
Thank you very much.

1 comment:

  1. Ah Ai & I have found out the culprit...
    This person shud be ashamed of what she/he did despite the fact that she/he is someone with a high pay ...