17 October 2010

Pitiful heavy burden !!

At one corner of this comfy kitchen, I laid my eyes on one particular thing ...
n that's ...
a hardworking helper in the kitchen with a giant burden on the head ...
was he forced to do so ?? hmmm...who knows !! 

Who's this little helper ?? 

U must he thinking of Molly le...hahaha.. 
The answer is NO ...Oh No..it was not Molly helping out..

This guy is none other than ...


Pity his head ...he was sitting there silently ...
with the loaf of bread resting on his head !!

View from another angle !!

Well, we should give a handful of applause to this tiny helper...wahahaha..

1 comment:

  1. THANK YOU Teddy......
    for displaying which loaf of bread needs to be eaten first. Such a heavy responsibility. :)