16 September 2010

Very Handsome Diver @ Melaka

During my recent raya trip to Melaka, my papa,mama, sis and I visited a museum related to ships and the sea...sorry loh, forgot the name of the museum...
Oh Oh ...I think shud be Muzium Samudera II..

We came across many old gadgets and a few models of ships used during the old days...

Then we came across a more modernised section...n sitting in the glass case was a diver(fakey lah)  with all his diving gadgets ...This diver has nice features as well ...which made him looked handsome.

What im telling u is something very normal hoh ?? 
That's not my main point lahhh...

The moment I laid my eyes on this fakey diver ..there is something on him which drew my attention the most !

And that's none other than his AHJUMMA / OBASAN hairstyle !!


Yooorrr....the person who gave him this hairstyle must have hated him so much...If not, how come he has such a "WONDERFUL" hairstyle ??? 
That wig totally destroyed the handsome features this guy has...pity him...!!

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