24 September 2010

Funny Turtle Eggs @ Melaka

This is yet another finding in the same museum on marine related topics....This time, I went to a section related to life in the marine world of Malaysia.One giant turtle was displayed in a glass case.

 I wonder if it's a real one or plainly a prototype/ fake one.

View from another angle

From the back, it is clearly seen that the turtle is laying some eggs ....a lot of white eggs !!

What's so special about it ? All of us know that turtles lay eggs !!
I can assure you the eggs that this turtle produced are very special !!
Very very special ..!!

NO. Dun simply guess...the eggs are not black or blue or pink in color...

. anticipating what im about to say bo ??

Yalah ...yalah...dun wanna be so mysterious lah...

You see hoh...I believe that there will be no more Ping Pong balls available once Turtle extinct..

Y ??

Coz the turtle in the glass case laid KING brand Ping Pong balls !!
Made in China some more.

The Eggs

That's my discovery ...!! Bye ...

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