20 May 2010

Cupcakes for a birthday

I know what you're thinking ....you must be thinking that it was my boss's birthday !! 
The answer is NO...IT IS NOT !! My boss's one is not even around the corner yet.

It was my neighbouring dept's boss's big day looo ...They "campur" me "main-main" since I was alone that day . I , then became one of their photographers for the event.

It was actually a surprise party for their boss, Mr C...Ellie, was in charge of getting the cupcakes...The idea of using cupcakes instead of the ever traditional cake is more refreshing loh. 

A few snaps I managed to get before the main character walked in..

This is Mr C, busy blowing out the candles ...

You want to see more ? Forget it !! I won't reveal much in this post this time.My main purpose is just to share how cute & pretty the cupcakes were.
 Wanna see more ? Go to my facebook and korek for these pics....

* Anyway, the cupcakes were a bit sweet...maybe I am not a fan of sweet stuff gua !!

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