20 May 2010

The hidden agenda : Ms Tan's Bday

Another Birthday cake ?? Yes loh...
Colleague's b'day ma...her big day coincidentally fell on the same day as Mr C's bday. 
So we had a double celebration that day, but of course there was a price to pay...n that was I had to stay back to finish up my work loh.

It was a hidden agenda also ...ngek ngek ngek ..I guess she might have thought everyone forgot her b'day looo...

Her Birthday cake !!
Shhhhhh !!! Stay quiet !! She's on her way to this room ...(where she was conned )

Sudden HAPPY BIRTHDAY song !! & she got the shock of her life !!

Face with all smiles during candles blowing & cake cutting time

A slice of Hazelnut cake for myself...yummy !! Not too sweet & creamy...Juz the right blend of nuts n cream
Playing a fool session ...kekeke !! 

Final shot of the day ....Happy duo

* The cake was bought from RT cake house in Subang SS15, juz next to Cake Sense !!
Hazelnut cake is recommended for a try..  

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