02 March 2010

Cina New Year 2010

AAAAA....sad loh. The holidays came and went away sooo fast !! Faster than F1 racecars...

The worst thing about the end of holidays is the fact that I have to start WORK again.

OK-loh...I know it's time to get back to reality already. However, Im goin to miss the times I was with my frenz though I dun think I talked much throughout the time. 
Their laughter and jokes were the best !!

                                 First day of CNY at the usual place !!

This gang of  humans went around a few people's house lah throughout the CNY...
Besides visiting people's house, we also had our Annual CNY Reunion Lunch one...this time, we had it in East Ocean-loh....


Can spot me ? muhaha..
another snap..

Aiya, do u think that we are so boring meh....as if we only go makan together, visit people's house and chat together...

Surely we play games which involve everyone around...
V played "Happy Family"-loh...some even played "bricks" !!

Then surely there were photo taking sessions...

After that mah everyone "San Ben" lah..
How do u find my experience during CNY 2010 ?

By the way, the weather was freaking HOT HOT HOT EVERYDAY !! Not one minute less

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