23 December 2009

Someone's birthday present !!

This young lady's birthday has passed for NGAM NGAM one month !! Now only I wanna post up what I bought for her...kakaka

It's her ever favourite POOH's blanket ..ngehehehe !! That piece of blankie is quite big and soft and worth the price...it's cheap lah..not expensive looo...

Look how Pooh was acting cute & shy in that blankie knowing that I will take a picture of him ...!!

The person hiding behind the blankie showed me a WIDE grin cuz it's her 21st Birthday Present loh..

What !! You think it's weird that I bought sth like that for a sister's 21st birthday ?? Dun expect me to buy a gold key for her-lah. What's the use of it wor ? At least she get to hug n use the blankie everyday what ...hehe.

OKOK I admit..i did not have the capability to get her sth more expensive that time..So SIS...I owe you one first lah!!

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