10 July 2009

Im GOIN home !!

KAMPAR, here I come...!! Im finally coming HOME !!

Well, apologies for the excitement ...it has been months since I last stepped foot on my hometown , KAMPAR.
This town is in Perak, Malaysia...NOT Kampar, Indonesia which u learnt in History class lah...


I miss my bed
I miss my house
I miss family & relatives
I miss going to Tesco Kampar
I miss Kampar Market ..( which may sound weird to you guys)
I miss ...what else is important ?

OF COURSE the FOOD lah...

Im coming for you....Claypot Chicken Rice !
Wait for me...Kampar Jao Yuen ( Fried Flour Balls ?)
Oh, u are definitely not forgotten, Kamta Bus Station Chendol Stall !!
U too, KFC !!
N U too Laksa Man !!
N U too Kam Sui Chee Cheong Fun ....

Slurrpp!! Droolliiinnngg...I wonder if I can accomplish all these food mission or not...sobs

Don't be surprised to see a bloated Jojobing when she comes back to PJ...


  1. I miss Kampar food too, pls buy me some :D

  2. Yee Yee...sorry I did not come back n look for you guys ..

    Have some family affairs to carry out. No worries..I may have time this coming Thursday..hahahaha

  3. CAN afford to add a bit more weight, dont worry!!!