25 December 2008

She is a PRINCESS !!

She came when she was two

With eyes begging for mercy

Heart thumping fastly

Without a thought of what comes next...

Everybody tried to come near her

And she trembled with fear...

Dare not simply attack people

For she has no idea where she was

This is a new environment for her

Way more comfy than her past.

She was fed on time..

Without any other beings....snatching food from her bowl

Jojo was her original name

No reactions given when it was called...

But not when she was later called "Molly"!

As she might have loved it alot...

Trying to forget her past!!

She turned from bones to fat

In a house she dooesn't need to fight for food

As well as the abundant of love from her owner

A pathetic background she was in

But not anymore...for now

her life has reborned...

From an abandoned, unloved to be totally cared and loved.....

She has changed from a pauper to a tiny little PRINCESS !!

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