09 December 2008

Classical Me!!

It is not the first time I heard someone telling me that I have a classic look ! I do not really know how someone who looks classic will look like in these modern days...

Two years back, an ex-colleague said that I have a classic look. I asked her for an example. The answer she gave me made me feel that I look so prehistoric. She said I looked like the lady actresses during P. Ramlee days. Can u imagine that ? I felt like a sudden lightning struck me...as all I could imagine or interprete what she was trying to tell me was that I have an out of date fashion sense !!

Other than these Malay ladies, another person whom posess a classical look will be Audrey Hepburn. I suppose I can't be as gorgeous as she is, can I? She is world renowned for her beauty.

Dear friends, what do you think ?

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