22 September 2008

My Silent Side....

Friends who have known me since secondary school should know the person I am. They have many friends but I have some. Since high school, I have been quite a silent person...I seldom voice out even if I am involved in their conversations as I am always the silencer. I tend to listen more...come to think of it, i am quite pathetic..haha

Some of you may think that I am not like that. Are u really sure? Please flash back to the time when we first knew each other and you'll be surprised what I stated is true. If I don't know you, I may be very silent and looked serious or cold. As a matter of fact, I am actually being shy. I am shy to make friends with people. I am scared that the people whom I approached may not like me. Therefore, I chose to wait for people to come to me than to go to them. I guess only those who are sincere to befriend me will come to me. What a childish thinking I have ! Totally pathetic...hehe

However, after I get to know you better, you may find out that I am the "LUNG" or "PEPARU" type of person. I can joke around and talk a lot of things provided that the person is not sensitive with that issue. Hahaha... I have a Sifu who has been training me all this while. Thank you , SIFU...This SIFU made me talk more which is something I am thankful of.

Right now, I am always the Sendirian Berhad case in my office whenever lunch time arrives. It seems that some people are not bothered with my existence or not. However, a young lady was quite warm to me besides my manager. As she is fasting for the time being, I guess I don't mind eating alone as I can be alone all the time.

Some housemates may also find me cold and silent. I have been staying with them for almost 9 months and I dun have frequent conversations with them...I hope they won't think that I am being arrogant or cold. I am just a bit of an introvert.

I guess I can describe myself as a volcano...I may look cold or silent from the outside but I am also warm inside..hahaha...

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  1. I'm one of your secondary schoolmate, if u stil remember me. Just to drop by and say hi in this old post. Hi.