22 September 2008

Mooncake Festival 2008

When Mooncake Festival arrived, all I could think of is candles. This is because I get to play with them despite the fact that I am an adult already. I don't care...i just want to burn the candles...

This year, I celebrated it with family members from my paternal side as I normally had them with my maternal relatives. A different year I guess but much to my disappointment, it rained that day...There were constant drizzles of rain once in a while throughout the night.

I never got to play with lanterns nor CANDLES...sobs..!! Anyway, I get to taste the delicious fried Mihun and Mee prepared by Kak Supin. They tasted even better when mixed together with sambal belacan..Yummy !! My saliva is starting to come out....Hope to have another opportunity to taste other dishes made by her. hahaha....

I had a fun time that night ...I would have been better it it did not rain...haha

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