12 September 2010

Kong Sai Chai @ Paramount Garden

It was the eve of Raya when Issac called up his fave Kakis for lunch.....consisting of Ah Kit, Joey, Issac himself , me and my sis loh...

We ended up having lunch in Kong Sai Chai , a chinese restaurant at Paramount Garden....He discovered this place by accident when I gave him some wrong directions in a previous incident ...kekeke
The restaurant's name ...as shown below 
Apparently, there r a total of 4 branches of Kong Sai Chai ...( in Puchong, Sunway, Subang & of course, PJ)

The organiser ...
Busy distributing chilli sauce ...such a good host !! wahahaha

Dishes picked by dearest Issac :-
Pig stomach soup ( spicy as they put in a lot of pepper )

Fish ball wrapped in Tau Fu Pok skin ...

Do I need to explain this one ? It's so obvious loh...

Pork rib curry ( the curry was nice )

Steamed Duck ...(Duck is so so only loh...)

This is White Skin Chicken 
( The mixed ginger sauce was superb. Loved it a lot . The chicken meat was nice as well )

Verdict : Food in this place is considered nice loh....better than the chicken rice ball experience in Malacca-loh...!

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