01 June 2010

Jackie's Birthday (May 2010)

Hahaha... this is another birthday celebration for a May baby !! 
Whose birthday was it ? It's none other than Jackie !!

Actually, we celebrated after her Birthday ....so Happy Belated Birthday to you!!

April decided to have a makan session with her at Sunway Pyramid's Bubba Gump ...So one fine Monday, after work....everybody went to Sunway to meet up and MAKAN !!

While waiting for food, as usual, I took snapshots of all the participants ....

Two "Angels" - Jin & April   :P
3 other "Fantastic Angels" - Jojobing, M.Wan & Jackie 
All 5 Angels ...kakakaka

Food is served !!
Cajun Shrimp
Smoked Salmon sth sth ...with rice one lah
Sandwich ....totally different from a normal sandwich we normally make ourselves

There was one more Chicken Baramundi but seems like I forgot to take pics of it since I was starving badly that day !!
Am I holding a FISH ?? Or it's juz plain garlic bread ??

Birthday song dedication to our beloved Jackie - together with staff of Bubba Gump !! wahahaha
Made to stand on the chair....
Bubba Gump's special birthday rap...

There was one part where they yelled 
" Shake your booty if you want your birthday cake !!"
Paiseh Jackie's moment...hehehe

After that........the cake as a compliment from B.Gump..

Wish making & Candle Blowing session :-
Cheese !!
I wish....I wish...errmm I want THIS...THAT....THIS...THAT...
BLOOOOWWW kuat kuat , then only wishes come true !!

Main-main time ler...

After that, everyone balik rumah looo....


  1. somehow, i felt jackie looked sad in most of the pics.
    she's like damn boh song, especially in the first few pics.haha

  2. tat day is monday ma... monday blue~~