05 May 2010

Breakfast in office

Yawwwnnn....Im bored so I thought I wanna share with you all some of the "Gon Liong" which I depend on to survive in the office .....

My latest breakfast trend :
Sugar Crackers or sometimes Corn Crackers
Julie's sugar crackers is yummy ....i tried corn crackers n I dun really like them...


3 in 1 Boh Tea
Almost like Teh Tarik from mamak stalls. They also taste much better than Lipton's 3 in 1...

This bfast hoh is STOMACH filling....& ECONOMICAL....n not so fattening compared to heavier portioned food like Nasi Lemak, Mee Siam, Loh Mai Kai, Noodles....etc 

Other than that, biscuits can last longer....u can munch some whenever you want to ...

Anyway, I have 2 more alternatives la if I get bored of having biscuits everyday !! 
Cereals & Oats

Where do i keep these bottles?
Haahaa...my mini "gon liong" store...

everything hidden in a drawer !!


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